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Our estate planning attorneys are dedicated to helping individuals and families secure peace of mind and a sure foundation for generations to come. To accomplish that, we focus on preserving wealth, minimizing estate and other transfer taxes, and avoiding probate.

Our attorneys use a sophisticated, comprehensive and integrated approach, involving other professional advisors when needed, to address our clients’ complete needs, including estate and transfer tax planning, business succession, asset protection and wealth transfer planning.

When probate is required, we work together to carefully guide families through the process. Our goals are to ensure that creditors are correctly notified, that all estate tax returns and probate court documents are timely filed and that the assets of the estate are properly distributed.

Using our experience and particular attention to the personal dynamics, we also routinely represent families and estate administrators in court and mediation proceedings in cases where beneficiaries and estate administrators or trustees disagree on the distribution of assets, when disputes within families or between beneficiaries arise, when claims of creditors are asserted against the estate, and when ambiguities may exist in estate planning documents.