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RD attorneys have been successful in rendering advice, structuring transactions and developing innovative solutions to protect and enforce the rights of creditors within and outside of bankruptcy proceedings. We regularly counsel investor groups, financial institutions, asset management companies and other asset portfolio holders on managing and minimizing risks associated with lender liability and defend against lender liability claims and other claims or counterclaims by borrowers or guarantors.

Our firm provides the entire gamut of enforcement, defense, and other creditors’ rights services,including receivership proceedings, real and personal property foreclosures, actions on notes and guaranties, and other actions to protect and preserve the creditors’ interests in collateral.

We represent creditors in bankruptcy and adversary proceedings to recover money or property for the estate. Adversary actions may be used to avoid fraudulent transfers or preferences, pursue actions against insiders of the debtor, determine the dischargeability of a debt, or to avoid liens and determine lien priorities. Our attorneys also have substantial experience serving as counsel to Chapter 11 creditors’ committees.

RD attorneys possess the business acumen and litigation experience required to successfully handle complex bankruptcy cases. We understand fully the perspectives of commercial and institutional lenders regarding loan recoveries and debt restructuring in insolvency proceedings. Throughout the years, RD team has represented the interests of lenders, other secured, unsecured and subordinated creditors, and debtors in bankruptcy proceedings and business reorganizations in State, Federal and United States Bankruptcy court proceedings.


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