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April 3, 2020

By: Robbins, Salomon & Patt, Ltd.

RD has prepared the enclosed template form “Notice of Exempt Status as an Essential Business” for companies that believe they are an Essential Business in Illinois. The purpose of the Notice is to advised the State that a company can continue to do business under the good faith belief that it is an Essential Business as defined in Executive Order 2020-10, attached also for reference. Also, the Notice can be provided to a company’s employees in the event they are stopped by law enforcement on the way to and from work. A contact person designated for this type of Notice is not available at this time. RD recommends sending it to the Office of the Governor and other State leaders included in the Notice.

The template form “Notice of Exempt Status as an Essential Business” should include the following:

Prepared on the company’s letterhead.
State that the company is an Essential Business. Do not ask to be considered one.
Specify that the company is located in Illinois.
Explain the company’s industry and its customer base and the value it brings to the community.
Explain the impact if it were not to continue operation as an Essential Business.
Specifically state which exemption(s) the company falls under in the Executive Order and why.
Confirm that the company is following all required safety aspects: Minimum Basic Operations and Social Distancing Requirements.
State that it is necessary for employees to travel to and from work, which they will do in compliance with the Executive Order.
Provide contact information for the business and signed by the business.

Notice of Exempt Status as an Essential Business – Letter Form

Executive Order in Response to Covid-19