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April 14, 2021
By: Andrés J. Gallegos (Chair of Disability Rights Practice)

The Health Equity & Ethics Series brings together community members and University Illinois Chicago experts from across professions to: share stories of injustice and invisibility in healthcare, seek to understand issues of health and wellness from many views, and develop action-focused, real-life solutions that build on community strengths, are guided by ethical values, and are informed by our shared wisdom.

Across four workshops scheduled March 31-April, 2021, 4:00pm-5:30pm, every Wednesday, panel members will be anchored in a facilitated dialogue about a personal story of harm experienced during COVID-19. These experiences involve illness, suffering, loss, exclusion, invisibility, deprioritization, and injustice. The panel include caregivers, patients, community members, and other experts from across the country. Below is a list of the workshop dates and topics with panel member Andrés J. Gallegos presenting on April 14th. To register for the event, click here:

March 31: Setting the Stage for Transformational Conversations

April 7: Exploring Intersectionality and Social Vulnerability

April 14: Uncovering Disability Bias and Discrimination in Healthcare

April 21: The Next Act – Transforming the Conversation into Action