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November 4, 2011

Two law firms tracing their origins to 1924 and 1894 are combining their practices and personnel as Di Monte & Lizak, LLC effective November 1.  That’s a lot of history, but what about the future?

On Wednesday, October 12, the partners and associates of both combining firms met for the purpose of examining a Strategic Plan for Di Monte and Lizak’s future.

Partners David Arena, Riccardo Di Monte, and Alan Stefaniak led the presentation of the plan.  The partners have been meeting over many months with a management consulting firm to develop the plan and all the lawyers have been interviewed and have provided important input in the plan’s development.

Particularly significant in the strategic planning process was that in the face of economically challenging times, the unanimous message for the firm’s professionals is that the firm’s partners believe in the values that have brought us this far.  The firm’s mission statement:”Di Monte & Lizak Is an Experienced, Multi‑Practice Firm Working as a Team to Provide Exceptional, Practical Counsel and Quality Service” reflects this fact.


By adopting a strategic plan, Di Monte & Lizak has re-committed itself to being an enduring presence in the Chicagoland legal community.  The firm has received offers of merger from three national law firms in the past 12 months.  Its conclusion is to thank each of them, reject each offer, and move forward into 2012 and beyond, continuing to serve its clients by following a path of controlled growth, adding strong new partners both to replace those who retire, and to slowly grow the firm.

The firm prides itself on providing a “downtown” service at a suburban cost, and intends to continue to do so.  Accordingly, the plan is focused on prompt, clear-cut, well-reasoned and cost-effective response to client needs.