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RD attorneys have substantial experience representing sureties, insurers, reinsurers, general contractors, trade contractors, architects, engineers, developers, and public and private owners in litigation, arbitration, mediation, and transactional aspects of fidelity and surety law matters.

We handle surety claims from initial stages through litigation or workout, ranging from large multiple defaults to local and regional project specific claims. Our representation involves all levels of performance and payment bond claims including default and claim analysis, takeovers, tenders, completion, surety financing, protection of surety interests in the principal’s bankruptcy, contested defaults, intercreditor and security agreements, and pursuit of salvage, subrogation and cross-subrogation rights.  Our firm also advises clients in all aspects of claims against commercial and other miscellaneous bonds, and in claims management and coordination.

Our firm’s representation of fidelity insurers range from the investigation, coverage analysis, defense and resolution of claims against financial institution bonds, commercial crime policies, credit union bonds and other standard and proprietary bond forms, to the pursuit of recovery from defalcators, including representation of the fidelity insurer’s interests in criminal proceedings and the pursuit of restitution and subrogation rights.

RD attorneys’ combined experience in finance, real estate, construction, taxation, business and litigation gives us a keen understanding of the issues involved in surety and fidelity law claims and negotiations with stakeholders.