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RD’s experience in litigation, insurance and healthcare law underscores our proven ability to prevail in personal injury cases. We fight for compensation of victims injured through negligence, breach of the duty of care, or intentional acts. We have handled cases concerning accidents, defective products, and liability claims resulting in injury, trauma, disfigurement, disability, and wrongful death. When lives and quality of life are at stake, clients depend on us to navigate the legal process based on our thorough understanding of the facts and available remedies to resolve a claim.

We represent individuals and families of those who have suffered or died as the result of another’s negligence. Our attorneys blend their knowledge and experience to effectively resolve each personal injury matter. We examine every aspect of a client’s case, review the evidence, and seek industry experts and specialists as needed to find the most effective solutions.

Our unparalleled skill in litigating personal injury lawsuits is balanced by our proven ability to resolve claims fairly and expeditiously. In trial courts, appellate courts, arbitration, and mediation, we represent clients on personal injury and wrongful death cases of all types. From accidents involving cars, pedestrians, premises injuries, slip and falls, to construction accidents and injuries resulting from contaminated food or products, we apply our comprehensive knowledge of the law and use our experience to obtain fair compensation for medical costs, loss of property and income, other expenses and economic losses, and emotional distress and mental anguish.

RD experienced attorneys analyze each unique set of facts and circumstances to identify practical solutions that seeks to compensate victims.  When it comes to personal injury, we focus on the desired outcomes, then work with each client to protect their best interests.