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Commercial Finance Attorneys in Chicago

RD commercial finance attorneys have extensive experience in negotiating and finalizing factoring transactions, including recourse and nonrecourse financing. We have structured, negotiated, and documented accounts receivable purchase transactions with sellers operating in diverse industries, ranging from small to large-sized service providers, corporate, agriculture, manufacturing, and private borrowers. We offer a highly personalized and value-oriented, legal service approach, which has garnered the firm a strong reputation among our local, regional, national, and international clients, and business partners.

Our attorneys‘ depth of knowledge in this specialized area, as well as in the areas of general commercial lending, asset-based lending and workout, and bankruptcy, allow us to quickly identify and resolve the challenges unique to each transaction and create an arrangement that both serves the needs of the parties involved and protects the factor. We have the skill and creativity to handle matters representing factors and other parties through every stage of the factoring process including due diligence, negotiating terms, drafting contracts, complying with the Uniform Commercial Code compliance, and finalizing the agreement. RD strives to achieve positive results for its factoring clients on matters of all levels of complexity.