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Class Action Lawsuit Against the City of Pekin, Illinois

Resources by and for Disability Communities in the Time of COVID-19

Andres J. Gallegos (Chair of Disability Rights Practice)

RD fights for the rights of persons across all categories of disabilities. Our primary focus is to improve access to healthcare and wellness programs for persons of with disabilities across the country. Attaining and maintaining good health should not be dependent upon whether one can see, speak, hear or walk. RD is at the forefront of the national fight for accessible healthcare.

Utilizing a three-prong approach: Education, Advocacy and Litigation, we seek accessible healthcare for persons with disabilities and to effectuate systemic change.

Education: Through in-person workshops and webinars, RD educates persons with disabilities and their advocates of their legal rights to accessible healthcare under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and Section 1557 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The Accessible Healthcare workshops and webinars also teach persons with disabilities how to enhance their patient advocacy by Acting B-A-D™, a 3-phase structured approach to patient advocacy identifying strategies to act Before-After-During-healthcare appointments. In addition, RD provides educational workshops for healthcare administrators, healthcare professionals, medical students and residents on their obligations under the federal nondiscrimination mandates, and on the disability rights and independent living movement.

Advocacy: On behalf of claimants with disabilities, RD collaborates with hospitals, healthcare systems, national dental providers, and retail healthcare providers to ensure that persons across all types of disabilities receive the equal opportunity to benefit from their facilities and services.  RD’s advocacy has achieved outstanding results for persons with disabilities.

Litigation: When necessary, we utilize the courts to protect the rights of persons with disabilities, including the filing of class action lawsuits, on behalf of individuals and organizations, to attain systemic relief.  RD has achieved great success in obtaining systemic relief against healthcare systems, hospitals, national eye care providers and national dental providers.