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Attorney Nancy Kondziolka

Nancy Kondziolka



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As RD’s corporate paralegal, Nancy primarily handles the formation and maintenance of limited liability companies and corporations, which includes series limited liability companies, not-for-profit corporations and limited partnerships.  In addition, she forms new entities throughout the United States and qualifies existing entities outside their home states. Often additional steps are necessary to formalize these structured companies, which include submissions to other state and regulatory agencies and taxing bodies.

Nancy works very closely with our attorneys in all stages of corporate and real estate transactions, including satisfaction of due diligence requirements, compliance with federal, state and local regulations, as well as entity certification, ascertaining entity status and obtaining certificates of good standing.  She prepares and files Uniform Commercial Code financing statements, entity amendments, dissolutions, mergers and withdrawals, and monitors UCC, tax lien and judgment searches.

In addition, Nancy is responsible for maintenance and annual renewal of approximately 1,000 client owned entities, which includes preparation and processing of annual reports, electronic filings, updating corporate record books, preparations of resolutions for annual and special meetings of members, managers, shareholders and directors, stock issuance, transfers and assignments of shares and membership interests.