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May 6, 2024
By: Emily C. Kaminski

In celebration of Women’s History Month, meet Emily Kaminski, Shareholder in RD’s Trusts & Estates, Business Transactions, and Real Estate Groups. We asked Emily about how her life experiences as a woman have guided her decision to pursue a career in the legal field.

“My mom was a lawyer, and I have an aunt and a cousin who are also lawyers. Seeing strong women in the legal field has always been a draw for me and reminds me every day to live up to my potential. Additionally, my specific experience as a woman is that I was raised to be compassionate, humble, and resilient. As the first-born daughter, I was also often tasked with helping my younger siblings and setting a good example.

The turning point for me to pursue a legal career was in 2010 while working at a drop-in day center for mentally ill homeless women in California. I witnessed, in real time, how marginalized women were confused by the law and legal ramifications for their actions. The law sometimes kept women in a loop of homelessness. I decided to pursue a legal career to be an advocate for people to understand the law and work within its parameters. As an estate planning attorney, I work directly with people to explain why an estate plan is necessary, create a specific plan for each individual’s situation, and eventually follow through on those plans when they mature. Additionally, my compassionate nature enables me to work with people through estate administration and handling delicate matters.

My lifelong desire for learning also guided my career path as there is always something to learn in the legal field. Whether learning about a new case or updated statute, or finding a creative solution to a particular problem, lawyers are always learning.”