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February 11, 2019

Laurie A. Montplaisir, Shareholder and Founder of the IFA Midwest Chapter, hosted the Chapter’s first educational seminar on the topic Fraud Triangle: Understanding Warning Signs and Red Flags on Monday, February 11th in Chicago. The seminar targeted the factoring community, attorneys, and other corporate and private companies. Timely issues addressed included How unshared financial problems can create pressure to violate financial trust; How abuse of authority can create opportunity to secretly resolve financial concerns; How rationalizing fraudulent behavior can be viewed as justification to fix financial issues; and How myriad of fraudulent phrases and terms can be hidden in email communications. Guest speakers were Jay Lieb, Founder and CEO, NexLP; Brent Gustafson, VP of Business Development and Consulting, BlueStar; and Michael Gantz, Senior Client Advisor, Bluestar. Below is the event’s invitation and a photo highlighting seminar attendees.

LinkedIn Photo